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Press Release:

Kansas City MO, Feb 5, 2015 - GOGODODO LLC - handcrafted interactions, today announced the upcoming release of its second title Syn on Feb 5. Syn is a futuristic action game done in a microbiological style. Use syngine software to control a synthetic organism and fight the malcrobial infection. Collect aminos to upgrade your genes and climb up the leaderboard. The game is free to play, although ad supported with in app purchases. It contains a tutorial and 4 unlockable modes.

Syngine's novel controls include a fingerprint scanner and an intuitive dial frontend. The game also features 5 free gene upgrades for your organism (Projectile toxins, Amino magnetism, Deflector Shield, Life extension and a Tail Bomb). Players can use aminos collected in the game to upgrade their genes to synthesize more powerful organisms. For those who want to unlock premium content immediately, there are 5 in app purchases available (1000 amino pack, Synthesiser boost, Ad removal, Amino doubler, and a Capacity increase to hold more organisms).

"Syn immerses the player in the not so distant future where organic drones can be used to fight disease"--Nicholas Flink. Syn was developed through the collaboration of Nicholas Flink (Battlefield, Half-Life 3, Harry Potter & Pure) and Geoff Heatley (Gravity & Black). The pair met working at EA nearly 10 years ago, eventually forming a partnership thanks to a passion for developing their own games.

Screen shots, videos and testimonials can be found on at our presskit

About Gogododo:

Gogododo LLC headquartered in Kansas City MO is the creator of Syn (2015) and Flip Tag Madrid (2012). Gogododo aims to create handcrafted interactions that entertain and delight. We value unique concepts mixed with challenging gameplay. Follow us on twitter @gogododogames.

About Syn:

Syn is the second game from gogododo LLC. Use syngine software to control a synthetic organism code named Syn. Use Syn to collect aminos, update genes and fight the malcrobial infection. Like us on facebook